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Advantages of payday loans online

Payday loans are a very popular and modern solution. People with financial commitments that they cannot cover from their own wallet reach for them. However, many of us are still afraid of taking loans from non-bank institutions. The majority of information on online loans are myths that should be refuted and talk about installment loans as a great way to get out of the budget crisis.

Development of the non-banking sector

In recent years we can observe a huge modernization and automation of our lives. The Internet has dominated the world and nowadays nobody can imagine life without it. The financial sector, which is constantly developing, has not bypassed major changes. Specialists from the FinTech industry are constantly creating newer and newer solutions that certainly help in gaining the trust of customers. On the internet we will find many loan services where we can learn, for example, how to compare loans and choose the best offer for yourself.

Almost every loan company works on the internet. The network gives us the opportunity to verify the credibility of a non-bank institution. Along with the development of the loan industry, there are more and more companies that deal with this type of commitment. In accordance with the principles of safe lending, it should be our responsibility to check the potential lender and ensure that it exists and operates legally.

Installment loan tailored to individual needs

In the case of installment loans, we decide how much we want to borrow and for what period. We also set the date of payment and the amount of its installment. If our creditworthiness will be without complaints, and our demands will not be excessive, there will certainly not be any obstacle on our way that will prevent the finalization of the entire process.

In order for the loan to meet our expectations, it is worth considering what we need additional funds from the commitment for, and then adjust its parameters. How to choose the amount and repayment period? This is a seemingly easy task, but many people have a problem with it. If we do not prepare properly in advance, it can later significantly affect our home budget. In order not to happen, we should carefully analyze our expenses and needs and the monthly free amount from which we will pay the next installments.

No formalities when signing the loan agreement

Another positive feature of online loans, which is inevitably associated with the dynamic development of the non-banking sector, is the lack of bureaucracy that banks do not deny. Borrowing online is a pleasant and simple activity, because we do not have to be particularly prepared for it.

Many of us are certainly aware of the process of granting loans by banks – it is tedious, long and impossible for many. Our negative associations are due to the formalities that need to be done with the last button. The process of collecting a million documents seems to last forever and we associate with very nervous and stressful time. You should also mention customer verification, which takes quite a long time. Maybe it would be worth fighting with numerous difficulties to finally receive the prize in the form of the expected pot of money. However, the granting of loans is low and few people meet the high requirements of banks.

Such complaints resulted in the development of loan companies, whose goal was to minimize all formalities. Currently, the data needed for an installment loan application is scarce, and it takes us a moment to verify us. So we do not waste valuable time visiting various offices in order to obtain the necessary documents and certificates.

Pro-consumer solutions to loan repayment problems

If we have trouble paying back the loan, we should not panic. In such a situation, you should immediately contact the representative of the loan company and inform him about our budget problems. If we do not avoid contact with the lender, we will definitely come to an agreement that will be satisfactory for both parties. By negotiating with the creditor, we build trust, which is an important issue when it comes to our credibility. Non-bank institutions are more willing to reach out to borrowers who care about settling their obligations and who do not wait for payment requests to spill from their mailboxes.

What solutions does the lender offer us in the event of repayment problems? The most common is the proposal to extend the repayment period. It involves extending the period in which we will pay the liability. If we extend the period, the installment will automatically decrease, which should not reduce our portfolio so much. Of course, this involves additional costs, but it will definitely make you feel safe and will not be doomed to monthly stress.
Getting a loan from a non-bank institution, especially one that is very popular among borrowers, is becoming increasingly difficult. This is because loan companies have increasing expectations of customers and are more likely to lend to those who possess the right qualities. What characterizes an ideal financial sector client and can each of us become perfect for his lender?

Know your credit standing

Creditworthiness determines whether we are able to repay the commitment we want to make within a specified period. To a large extent, our credibility, as creditworthiness is also called, decides whether and to what extent the financial institution decides to grant us an online loan. It is determined on the basis of several factors and each lender has its own way of assessing it. Due to such differentiation, situations occur when a client applying for a loan in one institution receives it and in another he is refused.

What determines your creditworthiness? Undoubtedly, income affects her. However, we calm down – it does not have to be tall, but simply solid. The number of people who are dependent on the applicant is also not insignificant. Other obligations we have incurred, such as outstanding loans, credit cards, home appliances or consumer electronics in installments, will also be important for the lender. To never encounter a negative credit decision, it is worth trying to assess it yourself first. If we find out what monthly loan installment we can afford, we will apply for a commitment that will not cause us difficulties and will not jeopardize the household budget.

How to check your presence in debtors’ databases?

Before deciding to take out a loan, make sure you are not on the list of debtors’ databases. The lender will certainly check our presence in some of them. Therefore, it is better to think about it in advance, so as not to be disappointed with a negative decision. We advise on how to control yourself and what debtors’ databases to search.

How to check yourself in KRD?

One of the debtors’ bases to which most loan companies have access is KRD, i.e. the National Debt Register. How to check yourself in KRD? Obtaining information about our presence in this register is free of charge. All we have to do is register to the KRD system. Then – complete the short form, attach a scan of your ID card to confirm your identity and download the report. The obtained document will inform us about the number of liabilities, the number of creditors and the exact debt.

Check the BIG Infomonitor database

The next step should be to check if we are in BIG Infomonitor, because this database is extremely important for lenders. Indicates which potential clients have lost their financial credibility and should not cooperate with them. To verify here, we also need to register on the BIG registry website. The procedure is similar to KRD, with the difference that we can generate a free report once every 6 months. If we want to check our debt more often, we have to pay PLN 6.50 each time.

Report from the ERIF Register of Debtors

Another database from which to download a report about yourself is ERIF. Checking in the ERIF Register of Debtors is analogous to the two previous verifications. The ERIF report will tell us about all debts that may be an obstacle to getting a new commitment. Each responsible borrower checks its presence in various registers. This is a free operation. It is worth doing it at least once every six months to check whether we have missed anything as a result of various commitments. There may have been inaccuracies that will echo our credit history. Therefore, reports of debtors’ databases should be systematically monitored.

Trouble paying your debt? Not for a reasonable customer

The ideal customer of a non-bank institution does not delay paying the installments. There are no problems with paying off the debt, because his decision on debt was aware and responsible, and thus adapted to the needs and possibilities. Choosing the right loan offer pays off in the future and makes repayment of money not a problem for us. If we’ve already learned our credit standing, then let’s not go deep into the water. Do not choose the installment amount, which is unreachable for us and strongly burdening the household budget. It is better to choose a longer loan period and lower monthly installments, but you should be sure that we will be able to pay your debts. Otherwise, solving the problem of late repayment, such as extending the loan, can cost us a lot more and have a negative impact on your credit history.

Financial management – build a positive credit history

Loan companies value clients who manage their finances wisely and have a positive credit history. We can define credit history as the history of our financial activities in the field of taking out and regulating loans or credits. We will learn about the credit history from the debtors’ databases, which will tell us what obligations we incurred and how we dealt with their repayment. Every responsible borrower tries to regularly pay off all debts. The ability to make timely payments gives the lender a signal that we are organized people and we can manage our budget efficiently, so it is worth trusting us and entrusting money.

5 questions you should ask yourself before taking a loan

The cash loan offer tempts us to take advantage of it. A new car, a larger apartment, home renovation, or maybe a longer trip? There is no shortage of needs, but each financial decision should be carefully considered by us. If we want to approach the budget wisely, let’s ask ourselves five important questions before we take a loan.

I actually need cash, is this a temporary invention?

Do we really have important goals for which we want to allocate cash? This is the most important question we should ask ourselves before we even look at the loan offers. Perhaps we planned to buy a new sofa, although the old sofa still looks good. The Japanese language course is not a first need when you are not going to visit the country of cherry blossoms. If this is a temporary whim, it is better to give up your credit thoughts as soon as possible. We should only take out cash loans for specific purposes. They amount to much higher amounts than loans via the Internet, and thus – we get involved with them for longer. Sudden fancies should not rule our budget. With savings or a financial surplus, we can afford to fulfill our desires. However, when they require a loan for this – we should let go and not increase the number of Poles in debt.

I need money now, can I save it?

The second question prompts us to review our budget for savings. We don’t always have to have cash for now, even for rational needs. Sometimes we can save her. According to the survey of Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Europa “Hedonists and thrifty 2016” – young people can save a lot of people doing it successfully. Even if we are not in the 25-44 age group, which saves the most, we can also postpone the amount that will meet our plans. If our budget allows us, we minimize daily expenses, and we collect a considerable amount for several weeks or months.

And when saving is a problem?

The biggest problem is the inability to save. Let’s think, what could we do about it? Maybe look for an additional paid job, give up some pleasures or find a better job because we were planning to look for a new job anyway? There are many solutions – let’s think about which one in our case is at stake. By adding a certain amount to your budget, we will eventually start to accumulate a penny to a penny. And if we learn to save, in the future we will take further steps and easily build a financial pillow. This is the best way to ensure a sense of security and peace of mind, even in the event of illness or other difficult life situation.

Is borrowing from a family an option?

When, after thinking about it, we conclude that we actually need money, but we are not able to save it, let’s consider a loan from loved ones. Family or friends can be the last resort, as long as they do not have to pay back the cash loan themselves. However, not everyone wants to put family relationships to the test. An unfortunate combination of events may result in us not being able to pay the full amount within the set deadline. Half a poverty, if the repayment can still wait, because our brother, brother-in-law or best friend does not need this cash. The situation becomes more difficult when they expected a refund because they have their plans they would like to implement. Then complications arise. Therefore, sometimes it is better to maintain good family relations, and borrow from banking institutions, which after all were created to provide financial benefits.

Can I handle my loan repayment?

Sometimes the family is not able to provide us with financial support, and saving is also not an option, because monthly expenses consume a significant part of our budget. We no longer ask ourselves whether we need this loan – because here we already know the answer – but will the installments not exceed us? If we are unable to pay off the loan, it will be difficult for us to obtain additional funds in the future. Banking institutions will no longer know a reliable customer in us, which we do not want. Therefore, let’s carefully check the most important elements of the cash loan for us and decide whether the monthly costs in the form of installments will not sink our finances. The more that sound budget management is quite important to us. As shown by the results of research conducted by Lindorff S.A., 83 percent respondents believe that regular repayment of liabilities is very important. In order not to have a problem with this, you need to pay attention to the elements of the loan increasing the amount of installments, and more specifically to the real interest rate, covering all costs associated with servicing the loan and exchange rate, if we take a loan in a different currency.

Do I know how to find a cash loan offer?

The last question concerns the very search for offers. We can find cash loan offers in the same way as offers of smaller liabilities in non-bank institutions. We use payday rankings and installment loan rankings that help us decide about the right lender. Cash loan rankings are also prepared to help customers in need of a larger financial injection. Top of the list are offers that are particularly attractive because of the high amounts and the long loan period. It allows us to spread the commitment into smaller payments that are beneficial to our budget. When analyzing the ranking, it is also worth paying attention to extremely attractive offers, e.g. reducing the cost of loans or allowing you to borrow even more for even longer. It is particularly profitable when we need a really high amount because we have planned a lot of expenses.

Undoubtedly, it can be said that there are more and more people interested in the services of non-bank institutions. Unfortunately, many potential borrowers have big problems choosing the best offers for them. Many people do not know what they need and how they want to pay back the liability. Therefore, before making any decision, they should carefully examine the possibilities of their budget.

The type of non-bank loan is important

When we think about making a financial commitment, we don’t always remember that its type matters. The fact that we are thinking about an online loan shows that we have already taken steps and we are eliminating options such as credit or private loan. However, we still need to specify what exactly we mean. In the internet age, there are plenty of interesting solutions. Two options that enjoy growing interest are installment loans and payday loans. Both of these options are very beneficial and can be helpful when some expense is waiting for us. It is important that we know which of them will be better at the given moment and how to adapt it to our situation. This is particularly important because each case is different and requires an individual approach.

What criteria should be used when choosing an online loan?

The theory sounds understandable, but how does it look in practice? We are facing a fairly important choice, which is important even when it comes to relatively small amounts. Not only that we have to choose the best non-bank institution for us, it is also a question of the type of loan. This will depend on several factors. It’s about for the amount of the planned loan and the period over which we want to pay it back. This is the basis that will help us determine the dimension of our commitment. Before making any decisions, we should assess our borrowing capacity. We can do it ourselves, but it is worth reading the expert opinions beforehand. Thanks to them we will get additional information that will definitely be useful to us.

Instant cash online – when we need smaller amounts

We usually associate the search for additional funds with credit. However, not all of us need such large sums. On the contrary – we often want to take less money and give it back quickly. In this case, the ideal solution will be online payday loan, which will definitely help us pay less expenses. Importantly, it does not have to cost us too much. Many loan companies offer the first free payday loan. This means that when we start cooperation with a given company, the first payday loan is free of additional charges. We give back as much as we borrowed – provided that we settle the repayment on the agreed date. This option is a nod to those who borrow from this service provider for the first time. At the same time, it is an incentive to establish long-term cooperation. It is worth thinking about it, because in the long run it can be profitable for us. There is no shortage of offers with additional facilities for regular customers. Just know where to look for them.

Short-term loan – what does it mean?

When we start thinking seriously about payday pay, we want to know for what period we will receive it. Usually it is specified in days and usually it is up to 30 days, however some companies take into account the possibility of borrowing for longer (e.g. 45, 60 days). Unfortunately – there are situations when we are not able to pay the full amount on time. Fortunately, some non-bank institutions include the option of extending the repayment deadline. Unfortunately, this is accompanied by additional fees, but we already know this when we sign the contract. Sometimes the opposite situation occurs and we are able to give money before the time specified in the documentation. Is paying off the loan before the deadline profitable? Look for information on this subject on the website of your service provider.

Installment loan – we pay back like a loan

When it comes to installment loans, the amount and repayment period are very important. Here, we are free to divide the commitment into parts. However, we must remember that usually we also decide on larger sums, and hence, we must choose the installments wisely. Then we will avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of excessive charges.

This type of loan is associated with a cash loan. No wonder – the repayment system is very similar. However, due to the fact that it is about larger amounts, we must remember that we must meet certain conditions. They will be similar to those that accompany banking services. Undoubtedly, our creditworthiness will be checked and whether we are listed in the registers of debtors. It is better to remember this before submitting the application.

Who will benefit from a long-term loan repayment?

An installment loan is a very beneficial solution for a specific group of clients. It is often about people who need a larger amount – they are planning a renovation, buying a car or just want to borrow for the holidays. Each of us used to think about one of these options, but we don’t always have enough savings. In a situation where we have a stable financial situation, we can decide on an installment loan. It will help us make our dreams come true provided that we diligently fulfill our obligation to pay it back. Not without reason, its addressees are people who have a solid household budget and permanent employment. The payments are accompanied by additional fees, but if we make the right calculations before signing the contract, they will not be too severe for us.

Where to look for information on loan companies offers?

We are often afraid of making a decision on a non-bank loan because we feel that we know too little about it. As it turns out, we do not have to give up this option, because there are web portals dedicated to this topic. We will find there rankings of payday loans which will tell us what offer to choose when we need a smaller amount. Do you want a bigger sum? Check the installment loan ranking and choose the best product for you. If you have any doubts, read the loan tips that are posted on these types of sites. They are a competent source of information when you think about choosing the right loan for us. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Fast payday loan credit – who can benefit?

Trade credit is granted between entrepreneurs. The product’s assumption is to postpone the payment deadline for the purchased goods. What are the benefits and risks of a credit? You will learn about it in the article below!

What is a credit?

The trade credit is a non-bank product. Is granted between enterprises. The essence of the loan is to defer the payment for the goods or services purchased. A trade credit is also called a trade credit or trade credit. It is an alternative to loans and credits for companies.

There is no legal act that would regulate this type of loan. The agreement between the parties may be confirmed in writing or by a specified payment date on the invoice. The payback time varies. It usually ranges from a few days to a month.

There are two forms of trade credit:

recipient credit (down payment) – the business partner pays the advance after receiving the good or service. If he fails to pay the due date, the money will be forfeited;
Supplier credit – the seller postpones the payment deadline for the purchased goods. An individual payment deadline is set for each contractor. The so-called. the loan period should depend on: the amount of the loan, the financial condition of the lender, the course of cooperation, etc.
What conditions must be met to use a trade credit?
There are two methods of granting trade credit – system and individual. The first group groups contractors into categories to which credit terms are assigned. In the second, the borrower’s creditworthiness is checked. The most important condition for using the deferred repayment date is repayment capacity. Trust in the contractor also plays a big role.

Trade credit – benefits

A trade credit is a good alternative to a cash loan or business loan. This solution is used by young enterprises that do not have sufficient liquidity. A commodity loan is the cheapest loan available on the market. An important factor for this product is the discount.

For the borrower, the biggest plus is maintaining financial liquidity. Because the borrower purchases the goods and defers the payment date. Then he sells the products he purchases and repays the liability for the funds obtained.

Also during the repayment period, the borrower may dispose of someone else’s cash. If he is in a worse financial situation, he does not have to incur liabilities in financial institutions. By contrast, suppliers can increase sales and profits by granting commodity loans. What’s more, this allows you to acquire regular customers.

What is the discount?

The discount is a percentage reduction in the price for the goods. The discount applies if the buyer repays the liability earlier than foreseen in the contract. The discount is completely voluntary. In order to check whether the use of the discount is profitable, you should compare the discount to a trade credit. The easiest way is to use the formula.

The discount amount is set by the lender. If the borrower is reliable and has repaid his previous obligations on time, he is more likely to receive a rebate.

Important – the discount has an impact on the basis and amount of VAT.
Threats arising from trade credit
The main threat to commercial credit is the fact that it can be granted to an insolvent entity. The matter of outstanding claims can be transferred to a debt collection company. However, you should be aware that field debt collectors have little authority – including they may not carry out environmental interviews or enter the debtor’s apartment or premises.

One way to recover is through court proceedings. Sending a case to a civil court involves fees. It is 5 percent on total debt. The court then issues an enforceable title. Under it, the bailiff recovers debt.

A creditor armed with a court enforcement order may enter the dishonest borrower into the National Debt Register or the National Register of Insolvent Debtors. According to KRD data, 53 percent debtors with arrears of payments not longer than a year, regulates the obligation after receiving a warning about the possibility of being blacklisted.

A significant threat to the lender is the amount of liabilities granted. If the entity grants them too much, it may lose liquidity. If the borrower is late with paying the invoice, it is possible to use e-factoring.

Summary of trade credit threats:
insolvent borrowers,
too many loans granted.
What to look for when granting a trade credit?
A well-structured contract should be the key safeguard. In the case of debts over PLN 500, it may be difficult to recover a claim in court that has not been confirmed in writing.

If the lender does not trust the borrower, he should assess his creditworthiness. To do this, check the debtors’ databases (e.g. KRD, KRDN). Moreover, it is worth verifying the KRS of the lending entity. The necessary information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice. However, if the borrower is a sole proprietorship, you need to examine the base of sole proprietorship in the Central Business Register and Information (CEIDG).

One of the collaterals is trade credit insurance
One of the collaterals for the deferred payment is insurance. At the time the policy is launched, the insurer will deduct 20% own contribution. The main essence of this type of insurance policy is to receive compensation in the event of non-repayment. As part of the services provided, TU also checks the financial situation of the contractor. The borrower also receives support in the case of debt recovery. The price of the policy depends, among others on the amount of the loan granted and the industry in which the insured entity operates.

The loan may be secured by interest. They should be included in the contract. The subscription forces the borrower to pay back. The borrower may also issue a promissory note or request collateral in the form of movable or immovable property.

Trade credit collateral:
insurance policy,
A promissory note,
surety of movable or immovable property,
Bank guarantee.
Can a trade loan be included in the cost of business?
If the product purchased on credit is used for the needs of the company, it is possible to enter the liability (together with interest) in the cost of business activity. The invoice should be the document confirming the transaction. The cost will be recognized only after payment of the amount due.

Employer loan or online loan?

Loans from employers are available in many companies. However, not all of us know what they are and how to use them. Like loans received from non-bank institutions, they can be very helpful when sudden expenses happen to us.

Non-bank loan from the employer

Not every employee knows that when sudden expenses happen, they can apply for financial support from their employer. As it turns out, he is even willing to grant a loan in installments, whose repayment terms will be tailored to our financial capabilities. How it’s possible? There are two ways to get such a loan. The first of these is the Employee Help and Loan Office. It can be created when it has 10 potential members. It is very important that not only employees but also pensioners can set it up. The condition is payment of the entry fee. Using PKZP can be very convenient for us. We borrow as much as we need, even in the event of an unexpected situation. It is important that we meet the conditions that allow us to obtain financial support from our workplace. The repayment period, amounts and other important parameters of such a loan are specified in the statute of PKZP. Thanks to this, the employee knows what dimension help can count on.

A loan at the Company Social Benefits Fund

The second option is loans from the so-called Company Social Benefits Fund. An employer who employs more than 20 people is required to set up it. For smaller companies, this is voluntary. Support from such a fund may be in the form of loans, non-returnable grants or grants that are associated with random events. It is a wide range of possibilities that can be adapted to various situations that an employee may encounter. All such circumstances are included in the regulations. Importantly, financial support in the form of a loan is granted under a civil law loan agreement. When we use this type of commitment, it is important that you can pay it back flexibly. We have the option of spreading the commitment into installments that we can manage. This is very important for many people who have temporary financial problems or face unexpected expenses.

An alternative in the form of an online loan

When you are looking for financial support, you should think about a loan online, which may be a good option for many of us. We will receive it quickly and without unnecessary formalities. We don’t even have to leave the house to submit the necessary application. In addition, we have a wide range of proposals that are characterized by attractive conditions. The loan companies’ offers include the already mentioned installment loans as well as payday loans, which will be very helpful in the case of smaller expenses. We can also count on promotions, loyalty programs or other amenities that are worth keeping in mind. Information about them can be found in the Customer Panel, which has every trusted lender.

Loan portals helpful in choosing loan offers

It is worth mentioning one more advantage of using online loans. When choosing an offer, we are not dependent solely on our own intuition. We can use loan portals. There we will find payday rankings, which tell us which companies offer the most attractive short-term loans in a given month. Also, the advice on these types of websites will help us choose the best offer. We will be able to check how to use such services safely and where to look for the best lenders. Sometimes we need more money that we can take for a longer period. Then installment loan rankings will help us, from which we will learn everything about the amounts, repayment dates and installments. We will also learn the detailed parameters that characterize specific offers.

Advantages of borrowing with the employer

You can’t hide that borrowing from your employer has its advantages. The employer knows his employees and has an insight into our finances. He knows how to adjust the repayment time and the amount of our loan. He will give us a commitment that we can easily pay back. What’s more, we can always try to negotiate the terms of the loan agreement. If we manage to communicate, we may get a more attractive amount or a more convenient time to pay it back. However, such a loan also involves risk. If we lose our job, we will still have to pay the debts to the employer. It will be more difficult for us, given that we no longer have a source of income. Even if we are not released, the loan can affect our relationships in the workplace. Failure to pay installments will definitely have an impact on how the boss sees us. The more we should consider all the pros and cons before applying for a loan from the employer.

The benefits of online loans

For online loans, we also need to be careful. We should always use the services of proven non-bank institutions. Responsible borrowing is possible if we take care of our own good. This requires that we carefully plan the loan, as well as being aware of how to use such services. This is very important because only a thorough calculation and analysis of our profits and expenses will allow us to make a reasonable selection of the offer. It should be adequate to our financial capabilities and to our needs. Caution is never too much, so you should always choose proven loan companies. Especially that in the internet age we can easily verify the authenticity of the offer. It is worth remembering when we seriously consider taking a non-bank loan.