The History of Soccer
from Beginning to End

This site is going to recount the history of soccer with as much detail as is possible. It will tell everything from beginning to end: In this site, I have gathered all the facts of soccer's history and brought them all together in a manner that makes what you are looking for as easy to find and as pleasant to read as possible. I have tried my best to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that you fully understand the history of soccer.

Photo by Public Domain

Soccer game

For anyone who is new to the game I have also laid out the basic rules of soccer. I have made them as easy to understand as I could.

I put everything about how to play soccer and wrote for someone who knows next to nothing about soccer.

Also I have not forgotten any of you who are having a dispute about soccer or just want to know some of the more intricate rules; I want you to be able to know the most that you can about the game.

So if you have been searching for facts about soccer or history of soccer, then sit back and enjoy while I give you whatever amount of info you would like.Ricky Casino

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