Paul Burns Biography

Paul Burns is a Scottish soccer player who has made a name for himself at Queen of the South FC. He has stayed with the club for nearly the entirety of his career, and is a key player in their squad.

Personal Life

Paul Burns is a successful soccer player in Scotland. He comes from a small town called Cumnock. He was born on the 18th of May, 1984 to James and Alice Burns. Paul has two brothers named Stephen and James.

Paul attended a local Catholic primary school called St. Thomas’s for part of his education, then transferred to St. Joseph Secondary to finish his schooling.

He is now married to Cheryl and has a two-year-old girl named Darcey, who was born on the 7th of March, 2011. Paul spends most of his holidays, when he is off soccer, in Florida and has done so for many years. He is very family-oriented. He is very close to all of his family including parents, aunts, uncles, brothers and cousins.

Professional Career Beginnings

Paul started soccer at a very young age playing for local teams. When he was eleven, he signed for Celtic FC. However, he decided to leave when he was sixteen because he wantid to stop traveling and focus on getting an education.

In 2002, while he was still sixteen, Burns joined a local team called Valspar Boys Club. This team went on to win the Scottish Cup. Soon, English Premier League teams were interested in Paul as his ability showed throughout the season. Unfortunately, he did not get the chance to go to England as Valspar were playing in the final and would not allow it.

Queen of the South

Later that year he signed for the professional club, Queen of the South. He is a soccer legend at this club where he served 9 great years.

In the summer of 2011, Burns signed for Dunfermline Athletic, but returned to Queen of the south after only one season.

He is a right midfield player who likes to go forward and is a very mature and intelligent player. He is remembered mostly, in Scotland, for the time he scored the third goal against Aberdeen during the 2008 Scottish Cup semi-final. Sadly, Queen of the South went on to be defeated 3-2 in the final by Rangers FC.

Paul is the grandson of Soccer physiotherapist legend Mick Morran, who sadly passed away 6 years ago. Paul is still playing at Queen of the South and is their main player and a true fans favorite.

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