Paul Scholes Biography

Paul Scholes is a calm, cool, and collected midfielder for Manchester United. His career at the club has lasted for longer than most soccer players ever see for themselves. He is a classy player, known for his playmaking abilities.


Paul Scholes was born on November 16, 1974. Scholes was born at Hope Hospital in Salford, Greater Manchester, to parents Stewart and Marina Scholes.

The family moved to the Langley area of Middleton, Greater Manchester when he was 18 months old. He lived on Bowness Road and, later, Talkin Drive. He attended the St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School in Langley.

As a youngster Scholes started his soccer career at Langley Furrows; however, he always dreamed of playing for Manchester United. At age 14, he received his dream offer and began training with Manchester United.

He later joined as a trainee upon graduating from Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic High School in Middleton during the summer of 1991. In his final term at school he was selected to represent English National Schools in soccer.

Scholes was diagnosed with asthma at an early age as well, which made him even more determined to succeed in his soccer.

Adult Career

Scholes career has been successful, to say the least. He is a midfielder who likes to spread the ball across the pitch. Scholes is known for his technique, one-touches, passing abilities, vision, calmness on the ball under pressure, and rarely relinquishing possession.

Many of soccer's top players, such as Zidane and Figo, have spoken of their admiration for Scholes. The one downfall to his game has always been his tackling ability. However, Scholes has been blessed with magnificent skills.

Paul Scholes has made over 650 appearances for Manchester United, which speaks volumes for itself. Anyone who plays for United has a special ability, but to still be playing for them at the age of 38 obviously states his great quality as a midfielder.

Scholes had a great disappointment in the 1999 UEFA Champion's league when he missed one of the greatest championship games in the history of the league. He was out on yellow cards and Manchester United went through to the final. They were a goal down until the 90th minute when they came back to win 2-1 in stoppage time!

This game will be remembered for years to come as a great game, and Scholes was on the bench due to his accumulated yellow cards.

The highlight of his career would have to be his winning goal in Manchester's 1-0 victory against Barcelona in the 2008 Champions League semi-final. His goal provided the win and allowed United to go on and win the championship final. It also gave him a chance at redemption for 1999.

An honorable mention must also go out for his Euro 2000 qualifying hat-trick for England against Poland. He has collected an astonishing 22 trophies during his 15 years at United. Something that not many players can say for themselves.

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