The History of the
Soccer Countries

I have already written a brief history of soccer, so now I want to write about all the smaller pieces that make up that history. That's where the soccer countries come in.

The soccer countries each have their own individual history, and each is important to the history of soccer. This page tells these histories as well as possible.

Below, is a list of soccer countries. I have also given a short introduction to each page. I now entreat you to choose the ones you are interested in, sit back, and delve into the history of soccer.


The history of soccer in Brazil tells of one of the greatest soccer nations of them all. Brazil has produced incredibly talented players and its own flair to the game. Almost any soccer fan loves to watch this nation's team in play...


The history of English football is probably the most important national history in soccer. England is where the first rules of soccer, and the earliest clear references to soccer came from...


The history of soccer in Mexico is not one of huge success internationally. However, the Mexican people love soccer, and their passion for the game makes them worth remembering...

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