Frequently Questioned
Soccer Rules and Regulations

This page is merely a list of soccer rules and regulations which I have often seen disputed over or heard frequent questions about. I have written them to be as easy to understand as possible.

Because these pages only cover one rule or regulation each most will be rather short and easy skim (however there was a small amount that I needed to make longer). So, you quick searchers will not have to stare at one page too long to get all the information you need.

Corner Kick

The soccer corner kick is both a rule and a playing fundamental. On this page I will try to give you a good understanding of both what the rule is and how to perform a corner kick.

Hand Ball

The soccer hand ball rule is one which I have heard debated over many times by parents, players, and fans. I have seen them in the stands or on the field bewildered at why the refferee didn't call a hand ball when it was clearly touched by that players hand.

Offside Rule

The soccer offside rule is one of the most questioned rules in soccer when it comes to players who are just starting up or haven't spent all of their time researching soccer.

Out of Bounds

Though almost everyone who plays soccer knows the basics of the soccer out of bounds rule, I have still heard this rule questioned in certain circumstances.



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