Soccer Striker:
The Position of Offense

The soccer striker is the most offensive of the positions on a team. This player should be quick with his feet, good at receiving passes, and one of the best shooters on the team.

This is no easy job, but then again, none of the soccer positions are.

Position of Play

Usually on a soccer team, there are two strikers (full team set up is shown on soccer positions page).

The strikers should usually stay on the opposing side of the center line (this is shown as the marked area below).

When the ball is kicked off by the opposing team, they will wait at the center line until it is off, and then get in possition on the other side.

It is not a rule that any player cannot leave his position; the positions are just guidelines.

I say this because oftentimes (especially just after the ball is kicked off) the striker will be needed on his own side of the line to help gain the offense.

Yet, other than in times of need, the they should still try to stay on the opposing side of the field and leave the goal defending to the defensive players.

The striker's main job is to attempt to score.

End Note

Though the strikers are the main offense, these two players will pretty much never be able to beat the opposing defense by themselves.

Therefore, they must be able to work together with the midfielders and wide defenders who will be assisting in the offense as well.