Soccer Sweeper:
Can You Read the Game?

The soccer sweeper is not always used when setting up the team. However, if you have a player who is especially good at reading the game, tackling, and controlling the ball, then it may be a good idea to put him/her at sweeper.

Position of Play

When using a soccer sweeper, the team usually only has one stopper. He plays behind the stopper.

His/her job is to cover all the holes in the defensive line. He roams the field laterally (shown below as the marked area), covering any offensive players who may slip past the fullbacks and stopper.

Soccer Sweeper Position of Play

The sweeper must keep in mind that he is the last line of defense.

This means that he must not commit entirely to a tackle (eg: slide tackling) unless there is almost no chance that the opposing player will slip around him.

Last Note

It is good to keep in mind that the sweeper is an optional position and if you do not have a player who performs the position well, it is probably better to use a second stopper.



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