Wayne Rooney Biography

Young Wayne Rooney is an incredibly talented soccer player. After breaking multiple records and winning the Premier League twice, Rooney is now among the greatest in the history of soccer.


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Wayne Mark Rooney was born to Thomas and Janette Rooney on October 24, 1985 in Liverpool, England.

He was the first of three children (having two brothers: Graeme and John).

All three attended De La Salle School in Croxteth, Liverpool.


Rooney's skill showed even as a young child while he played for the Liverpool Schoolboys and Dynamo Brownwings. He was taken notice of by the soccer club, Everton.

Just before his 11th birthday, he signed a schoolboy contract with Everton.

He quickly became one of the better players on the squad through his early teens, and, consequently, he advanced to the senior team at the age of 16.

On October 19, 2002, five days before his 17th birthday in a game against the team that was dominating the Premier League, Arsenal, he scored a last minute goal which brought Everton to a victory. With this goal, Rooney also set the record for youngest player to score in a Premier game, though this record has been broken twice since then.

The announcer at the game was heard saying "Wayne Rooney, remember that name". It didn't take long for Wayne Rooney to become a name to remember.

Post Everton

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Once Rooney began to express the desire to leave Everton, it didn't take long for him to catch the eyes of two large soccer clubs: Manchester United and Newcastle United.

Manchester United soon won the debate over who would end up with him by taking him on for $50 million.

It was not until he was taken into Manchester United that Rooney really made it big.

He quickly won young player of the year in 2005 and 2006.

However, he broke the fourth metatarsal in his right foot during a game against Chelsea on April 6, 2006, bringing question to whether he would be playing in the world cup that year.

After a bone scan on the 25th of May, the doctors said it was unlikely he would be returning to the world cup, yet it was decided that he would travel with the team and return for a bone scan on June 7. Just before the scan Rooney claimed that he was "300% confident" of his own fitness.

The day after his scan, he was announced to be completely well again and that "He just needs to get back his fitness before he can play".

Once back on the field (subbing in for Michael Owen in a game against Trinidad and Tobago) he proved to be in great shape and ready for the world cup (though he did not score a goal).

Red Card Incident

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During the world cup, England went up against Portugal in a game, causing Rooney to clash with Manchester United superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. At one point in the game, Wayne Rooney fouled one of the Portuguese players, and the referee, along with some encouragement from Ronaldo, gave Rooney a red card.

Though this Action on Ronaldo's part may have lost him a little popularity among his own fans, Rooney was attributed with England's loss that game.


Wayne Rooney continues to play for Manchester United, and is still holding his reputation as one of the greatest players in soccer.



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